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              Table of Contents

1. Custom Laser Cutting Service

 1.1 What is Laser Cutting

 1.2 What Makes Laser Cutting Advantageous

 1.3 Laser Cutting Material

 1.4 Application of Laser Cutting



2. Why Chose MIC-ZG as your Laser Cutting Service Supplier

2.1 Introduction of MIC-ZG

2.2 Advantages of the MIC-ZG's Laser Cutting Service

2.3 How Thin And Thick Laser Cutting We Can Provide

2.4 Laser Cutting Price


3. Laser Cutting Parts




 Custom Laser Cutting Service

  What is Laser Cutting


  Laser cutting is to irradiate the workpiece with a focused high-power density laser beam,so that the irradiated material quickly melts,vaporizes,ablates or reaches the ignition point,and at the same time,the molten material is blown away by the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam,so as to realize the cutting of the cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods.


What is Laser Cutting

  Under the control of the computer,the laser is discharged through pulses,thereby outputting a controlled repetitive high-frequency pulsed laser to form a beam with a certain frequency and a certain pulse width.The pulsed laser beam is transmitted and reflected through the optical path and focused on On the surface of the processed object,tiny,high-energy-density light spots are formed,and the focal spots are located near the surface to be processed,melting or vaporizing the processed material at an instant high temperature.Each high-energy laser pulse instantly sputters a small hole on the surface of the object.Under the control of the computer,the laser processing head and the material to be processed perform continuous relative motion and dot according to the pre-drawn pattern,so that the object will be processed into desired shape.


  What Makes Laser Cutting Advantageous


  First,laser cutting has unparalleled precision,a key advantage over other traditional techniques.

 Unparalleled Precision of Laser Cutting

  In addition to this,whenever a clean cut and smoother edge finish is required,laser cutting guarantees top-notch performance because the laser energy for cutting with a highly focused beam maintains tight tolerances around the desired cut area.

 Smoother Edge Laser Cutting

  The heat-affected zone of laser cutting is very small,so the processed material is less affected by warpage or deformation caused by microstructural changes.Unlike other cutting techniques,laser cutting can cut highly complex geometries with greater precision and excellent tolerance levels.


  Lasers can be used to cut large thicknesses of material and can be easily manipulated to cut out the desired shape.Perhaps most importantly,the laser cutting process is very fast and can be repeated with great precision.Due to the resulting narrow kerf,this method enables a higher level of paper sheet metal utilization through efficient part nesting–which can save material usage and reduce costs associated with overall scrap waste.


  Manufacturing has ever-changing needs,and laser cutting specifically meets these needs both in terms of volume and market,and laser cutting can also easily adapt to changing manufacturing needs.In contrast to traditional cutting tools,equipment for laser cutting can be set up and repurposed for specific needs.And,because laser-cut material typically does not require secondary processing,it can increase throughput and eliminate other secondary operations,resulting in products being delivered to customers in less time.


  Laser Cutting Material


  Laser cutting can be used to cut a variety of materials such as paper,wood,metal,rock,etc.,but it is widely used for material removal, Materials used for Laser Cutting fabrication,such as:aluminum,steel,stainless steel,copper,and other metals

 Metal Laser Cutting

   Structural Steel Laser Cutting


  This material gives better results when cut with oxygen.When oxygen is used as the process gas,the cut edges are slightly oxidized.For sheet thicknesses up to 4mm,high pressure cutting can be performed with nitrogen as the process gas.In this case,the cut edge will not be oxidized.For plates with a thickness of more than 10mm,using a special plate for the laser and applying oil to the surface of the workpiece during processing can get better results.


   Stainless Steel Laser Cutting


  Oxygen can be used where oxidation of the cut face is acceptable;nitrogen is used to obtain an oxide-free,burr-free edge that requires no further treatment.Coating an oil film on the surface of the sheet will result in better perforation without compromising machining quality.


   Aluminum Laser Cutting


  Despite high reflectivity and thermal conductivity,aluminum can be cut up to 6mm thick,depending on alloy type and laser capability.When cutting with oxygen,the cut surface is rough and hard.With nitrogen,the cut surface is smooth.Pure aluminum is very difficult to cut due to its high purity,and can only be cut when a"reflection absorption"device is installed on the system.Otherwise reflections can destroy optical components.


   Titanium Laser Cutting


  Titanium sheets are cut with argon and nitrogen as process gases.Other parameters can refer to nickel-chromium steel.


   Copper and Brass Laser Cutting


  Both materials have high reflectivity and very good thermal conductivity.Brass with a thickness of less than 1mm can be cut with nitrogen gas;copper with a thickness of less than 2mm can be cut,and the processing gas must be oxygen.Copper and brass can only be cut if a"reflection absorber"device is installed on the system.Otherwise reflections can destroy optical components.


  Application of Laser Cutting


  Laser cutting is almost the most advanced cutting technology in the world at present.It can cut most metal and non-metal materials.No matter what industry you are in,such as automobile manufacturing,engineering machinery,3C home appliances,etc.,you can see its application scenarios everywhere.


  It has the advantages of precision manufacturing,flexible cutting,special-shaped processing,one-time forming,high speed and high efficiency.In industrial production,it can solve many problems that cannot be solved by conventional methods,and is widely used.What is unexpected is that many common objects in life are completed by laser cutting.


  1.Sheet Metal Processing Industry


  Laser cutting machine is a major revolution in the field of sheet metal processing.Because of its high flexibility,high cutting speed,high cutting efficiency and short product cycle,sheet metal laser cutting machine has become an indispensable machine in sheet metal processing industry.


  On the one hand,the laser cutting machine will not appear deformation or tool wear during processing.No matter what the parts are,they can be cut accurately and quickly with a laser cutting machine.On the other hand,the cutting space of metal laser cutting machine is usually narrow,the cutting quality is good,and the degree of automation is high.In addition,the use of metal cutting opportunities reduces the labor intensity of employees and does not pollute the environment.


  2.Advertising Metal Word Industry


  In the advertising industry,more metal materials are often used.Traditional processing equipment generally uses materials such as advertising font processing.Because the machining accuracy and the cutting surface are not ideal,the probability of re machining is quite high.As a result,the work efficiency is low and a lot of costs are wasted.


  High precision metal laser cutting technology,without secondary rework,greatly improves work efficiency and saves enterprise costs.


  3.Kitchenware Industry


  In the cooking utensils processing industry,a large number of metal plates are often used for range hoods and gas appliances.When processing with traditional processing methods,there are many problems such as low efficiency,large die consumption and high cost.


  The laser cutting machine perfectly solves these problems.Fast cutting speed,high precision and high processing efficiency,can realize customized product development,improve throughput,solve the problems of cookware manufacturers,and benefit cookware manufacturers.approval.


  4.Automobile Manufacturing


  There are also many precision parts and materials in automobiles,such as brake pads and doors.In order to improve the safety of automobile,the cutting accuracy must be guaranteed.However,it is difficult to ensure accuracy and efficiency by traditional processing methods or manual operations.


  Therefore,laser cutting can be processed rapidly in batches,with high accuracy,high efficiency,no burr and one-time molding.This is why laser cutting machines are widely used in the automotive industry.


  As one of the most intelligent industries today,automobile manufacturing integrates a variety of production processes.As one of the most important technologies,the sheet metal laser cutting machine has completed up to 70%of the intelligent production of accessories.


  5.Fitness Equipment Industry


  The diversity of fitness equipment also puts forward high requirements for processing-multiple specifications and shapes make the traditional processing complex and inefficient.Laser cutting is very flexible and can be customized for different pipes and plates.The finished product is smooth without burr after processing.No secondary processing is required.The quality and efficiency are greatly improved compared with the traditional process.




  In the shipbuilding field,laser cutting of marine steel plate has good quality of cutting seam,good perpendicularity of cutting surface,no slag inclusion,thin oxide layer,smooth surface,no need for secondary processing,direct welding,small thermal deformation,high curve cutting accuracy,and coordinated reduction of man hours to achieve barrier free cutting of high-strength ship plate.


  7.Construction Machinery Industry


  At present,the construction machinery industry needs to cut a large number of circular,square and special-shaped holes on various thickness plates,and the precision requirement is very high.Laser cutting can quickly punch holes and cut ideal shapes,greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.



 Why Chose MIC-ZG as your Laser Cutting Service Supplier


  Introduction of MIC-ZG


  At MIC-ZG,our dedicated team of creative,strategic,and engineering experts is ready to take on your mission-critical projects in the most efficient ways.From prototyping to productions,we’re leading the quick prototyping revolution.


  MIC-ZG has 23 years of experience in customizing and excels at cost reduction according to the drawings.We will stick to your budget and analyze parts to come up with a selection of viable options.


  In contrast to other supplier's quick quotes,MIC-ZG is focused on the customer experience.Detailed processing procedures,SKU lists,and feasibility assessments are frequently provided.In contrast to other suppliers'global cooperation model,MIC-ZG has fully automated manufacturing capabilities.Each part has its own SKU code and cost control software.In contrast to other suppliers'one-time services,a design team at MIC-ZG is always on the cutting edge.When the market shifts,they'll re-formulate new solutions to meet consumer needs,ensuring that their services are 100 percent in line with the agreements'outcomes.


         MIC-ZG not only has mature system and technology in laser cutting Service, but also has rich experience in Sheet Metal, Injection Molding and other CNC Machining Services.


  MIC-ZG will always be your friend if you wish to choose a strategic partner provider,no matter where you come from.


  Contact us right now to get started on a Laser Cutting Service project!



  Advantages of the MIC-ZG's Laser Cutting Service




  Boasting 12 sets of latest CNC fibre laser cutting machines running 24/7,including a 12m x 3 meter 15kw laser.We can offer the shortest possible lead times at competitive prices nationwide,even for the most challenging of projects.




  We take pride in delivering a quality product and service every time,providing our customers with the confidence that orders will be delivered on time and correct to the highest of standards,every time.




  With over 30 years of experience in the laser profiling industry,our engineers can help make requirements a reality,offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise at every stage of your production process.


  How Thin And Thick Laser Cutting We Can Provide


  Thickness of Laser Cutting will depend on the raw material to be cut and the laser cutting machine.In MIG-ZG,the cutting standards we generally provide are as follows,you can contact us for details.

 Laser Cutting Material Thickness

  Laser Cutting Price


  How to calculate the price of laser cutting?


  The price of laser cutting is mainly divided into two parts,one is the material cost,and the other is the processing cost.The material cost is easy to calculate,just calculate how much material to use and multiply by the unit price.Not detailed here.


  In terms of processing fees,there are two ways to calculate the price.


  One is calculated on an hourly basis,such as how much does a laser cutting part cost per hour?


  Second,it is calculated in linear meters.


  Linear meter:It is the total length of the laser cutting a sheet metal part.The length of linear meters can generally be measured directly with CAD.


  The formula for calculating the price of laser cutting linear rice:


  Price per linear meter=sheet metal thickness*1mm thickness linear meter price


  For example:For example,the price of laser cutting one meter of 6mm low carbon steel plate is equal to:6(plate thickness)×1.5(1mm price)=9/meter.


  The price of 1mm thick linear rice varies according to different materials and regions.For example:the price of 1mm aluminum plate and 1mm carbon steel is different.


  The unit price per linear meter is different for each sheet metal factory.Check the number of linear meters when quoting,and calculate the unit price per linear meter to basically have a bottom.


  Of course,the specific price has a lot to do with the size of the processing volume,the shape of the parts(the number of meters cannot be completely calculated if all the holes are small),whether it includes freight,whether it is processed with materials,etc.In the specific price of MIC-ZG,you can get a quotation of Laser Cutting Price by leaving your contact information. Generally speaking,it will be 20% to 30%cheaper than your local laser cutting service provider.

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