Manufacturing on Demand for Home Improvement Industry

  • Gregor

    2022-04-06 17:38:09

A few years ago, I knew designer Eric from Facebook because we were curious about the culture of each other's countries.


He is a designer for a well-known Swedish furniture chain. One day he talked to me about his recent troubles: their colleagues reported that there were some problems with a simple computer desk he designed before:


1. Although this computer desk is easy to fold and place, it is very unstable.

2. It looks untidy when items are stacked on the it.

3. some complaints are received because of the serious impact of the goods during shipping. 

4. There was a big sales problem with this product.


After consulting our technical staff on the above questions, I gave him some advice.


Here are the redesigned style:


Eric was very grateful to us, thus he entrusted us to make a container of goods for him. In order to prevent complaints due to breakage, we have improved the way of packaging.


He later recalled:

When I collaborated with MIC-ZG for the first time, I was thankful but very nervous. Unexpectedly, MIC-ZG brought me a great surprise. Our products have successfully won the recognition of the market. Many thanks to MIC-ZG for the design and manufacture.


  • Gregor

    I'm impressed with Manufacturing on Demand for Home Improvement Industry. I found the process easy and convenient. The product arrived quickly and was easy to install. The quality is excellent and it was a great value.

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