Manufacturing on Demand for Tooling Industry

  • Jeanne

    2022-04-06 17:37:31

Samsung used MIC-ZG's custom cutting tools to machine the molds for precision parts of the phone. We customized milling cutters, saw blades, and drills to handle precision part mold for Samsung engineers, which allowed Samsung to mass-produce precision parts quickly and cost-effectively.


Our Challenge:


Samsung has unparalleled quality and a high level of reproducibility in the details of the precise parts of the phone and in the manufacturing and assembly of each part.


During the production assembly, Samsung group uses highly customized fixtures, which means a large number of milling cutters with long life and fast chip removal for processing are needed.


CNC machining tools that match complex, fine, precision parts surfaces are very expensive to produce, especially at low volumes. And it usually takes a long time to produce these tools.


In an effort to make phone parts at a lower cost, Samsung began looking in 2016 for ways to extend life, solve chip congestion and reduce costs. Engineers spent nearly a quarter of their working hours selecting parts and managing suppliers, seeking to find a cost-effective milling cutter.


Our Solution:


Engineer Erol quickly discovered the MIC-ZG's cost-effective milling cutter and purchased samples for testing during multiple manufacturing processes. After hearing about Samsung's problems in processing, MIC-ZG customized solutions for them efficiently.


MIC-ZG proposed cutting solutions for milling cutters that do not block iron filings and have a longer service life. These tools cut through the delicate parts of the phone hundreds of times every day.


By using MIC-ZG's tools, they not only solved the problem of clogging iron filings, but increased tool life by 20%. What’s more, MIC-ZG's cutting tools saved them 15% of the time of changing cutting tools and 10% of the purchasing cost. Additionally, they relieved Samsung workers' fatigue of changing tools dozens of times a day.


For engineer Erol and his team, another crucial benefit from MIC-ZG is their ability to communicate efficiently with engineers at all time, ensuring parts are optimized during manufacturing.


"MIC-ZG has a great team who support me in all my projects. Be it design or material advice, they always give me the optimal solution."

  • Jeanne

    Tooling Industry: Manufacturing on Demand is the perfect solution for anyone in the tooling industry. The process is simple and easy to use, and it delivers high-quality results. I highly recommend this software to anyone looking for an efficient and effective way to manufacture their tools.

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