How Much Does Custom Injection Molding Cost

Injection molding technology is applied to the processing of injection molded parts. The blank is injected into the mold to quickly and accurately process high-density, high-precision and three-dimensional structural parts with complex shapes into products with certain structural and functional characteristics, and direct mass production.Believe that everyone who has injection molding needs must be very interested in its Cost.

Custom Injection Molding Cost

Injection molding refers to the process of making semi-finished parts of a certain shape from molten raw materials through pressurization, injection, cooling, separation and other operations.The injection molding process of plastic parts mainly includes six stages: mold closing - filling - (gas assisted, water assisted) pressure maintaining - cooling - mold opening - demoulding.

But How Much Does Custom Injection Molding Cost?

There are subjective factors in Custom Injection Molding Prices, which need to be looked at in detail according to various situations. But the cost is relatively objective and can be assessed.

The Cost of Custom Injection Molding Parts = Material cost + Manufacturing Cost + Logistics Cost + Profit Management fee + others.

(If you want to get direct quoted price of your custom Injection Molding Cost ,you can deliver your demand to us.)

Custom Injection Molding Material Cost: First of all, you need to know the raw materials of the parts you need to calculate. Through raw materials you can find their unit price. Here are some common injection molding raw materials and their prices:

After you determine the raw materials, the raw material cost = weight x unit price / utilization rate.

Manufacturing cost: to understand the manufacturing cost, you need to calculate the equipment tonnage you need according to your products and processes.

Logistics cost: we usually divide the logistics cost into packaging and transportation.


Injection Molding Cost Per Unit

In general, the injection molding cost per unit does not have a fixed cost. When you place more orders at one time, the cost of each piece will naturally decrease a lot.

According to experience, when you order 500-1000 pieces for an injection molding part, the average price is $4 per piece; $2 per unit for 1000-2000 orders.

When you submit to us the demand for injection molded parts, injection molded materials and the total demand, we will naturally calculate the corresponding Injection Molding Cost Per Unit statement for you.


You have the Custom Injection Molding Demand and get a price , contract us.

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