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Sheet metal processing is the core area technology that sheet metal technicians need to master, and it is the key process of sheet metal handicraft forming. Sheet metal processing includes traditional laser cutting materials, cold stamping production and processing, bending forming and other methods and main parameters of processing technology, including various cold stamping die structures and main parameters of processing technology, various mechanical equipment principles and control methods, new stamping die technology and new technology. Next, I will introduce how to select materials and what are the steps for MIG-ZG sheet metal processing.

Custom Sheet Metal Parts

Top China Custom Sheet Metal Parts Manufacturer

MIG-ZG Is China Custom Metal Parts Manufacturer,and has 23 years of experience in customizing and excels at cost reduction according to the drawings. We will stick to your budget and analyze parts to come up with a selection of viable options.In contrast to other supplier's quick quotes, MIC-ZG is focused on the customer experience. Detailed processing procedures, SKU lists, and feasibility assessments are frequently provided.

In contrast to other suppliers' global cooperation model, MIC-ZG has fully automated manufacturing capabilities. Each part has its own SKU code and cost control software. In contrast to other suppliers' one-time services, a design team at MIC-ZG is always on the cutting edge. When the market shifts, they'll re-formulate new solutions to meet consumer needs, ensuring that their services are 100 percent in line with the agreements' outcomes.

And in sheet metal processing,We have professional equipment, mature technology and complete raw materials. We believe we can create custom sheet metal parts that meet different needs for you.

China Custom Sheet Metal Parts



Sheet Metal Material

1、 Galvanized Sheet Metal Fabrication

The base material of galvanized sheet is a common cold-rolled steel coil, which becomes a phosphating product after being manufactured on the continuous phosphating production line through deoiling, pickling passivation, electroplating process and various post-treatment processes. It not only has the physical properties and similar process properties of ordinary cold-rolled steel plate, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and decorative art appearance. It has great competitiveness and substitutability in the sales market of electronic equipment, household appliances and furniture.

Galvanized Sheet Metal Fabrication

2、 304 Stainless Steel Sheet

As one of the widely used stainless steels, it has better corrosion resistance and temperature resistance than chromium steel due to its high nickel content, and has no ductility.

304 Stainless Steel Sheet

3、 301 Stainless Steel Sheet

The water content of chromium is lower than 304, and the corrosion resistance is weak. However, after cold drawing, good tensile strength and ductility can be obtained in the processing of stamping parts. It is mostly used for spring yellow and EMI prevention.

301 Stainless Steel Sheet

In addition to the above raw materials, we can provide other sheet metal manufacturing, such as iron sheet metal aluminum sheet metal. Tin sheets and other sheet metal manufacturing services. If you have custom sheet metal manufacturing service, you can contact us to obtain quotations


Sheet metal processing process: first, overall planning of sheet metal parts → second, drawing according to the specific skills of sheet metal processing parts → then making open drawings, i.e. NC programming → then blanking or numerical punching → next bending → then riveting sheet metal processing parts → then welding sheet metal processing parts → then beautifying the appearance of sheet metal processing parts. The details are as follows: spraying or electroplating → then screen printing to installation and packaging.

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