CapabilitiesABS plastic particles

ABS plastic particles

MIC-ZG is an international OEM manufacturer. We are ready for factory audits and video calls at any time.  

From design to production.  We provide feasibility analyses, market research and trial launch for each injection mold.  We are committed to helping customers win the market in a real sense, rather than simply OEM plastic production.  We will customize at least 3 solutions and offer you a $500 discount on your first mold.  

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At MIC-ZG, we first review your submissions and then negotiate with you to ensure that your specifications, delivery times and prices meet your project needs.   We then use your 3D part data for CNC machining of high quality injection molds.   After the mold is created, MIC-ZG will send you a sample to confirm the details.   Once the molds have been improved and approved, MIC-ZG begins production.

ABS plastic particles

ABS plastic particles

ABS D-190 Physical Properties Data Sheet

Performance of the project
Test conditions
Test method
Mechanical properties Tensile strength (tensile strength) ASTM D638/IS0 527 500 (7,090) kg/cm2(MPa)[Lb/in2]
Elongation at break   ASTM D638/IS0 527   %
The tensile modulus   ASTM D638/ISO 527   kg/cm2(MPa)[Lb/in2]
Tensile yield elongation (elongation) ASTM D638/ISO 527 15 %
Elongation at break of tensile tenancy ASTM D638/IS0 527   %
Bending modulus (bending elasticity) ASTM D79O/ISO 178 25000 (35000) kg/cm2(MPa)[Lb/in2]
The bending strength   ASTM D790/ISO 178 790(11,660) kg/cnr (MPa)[Lb/in2]
Rockwell hardness   ASTM D785 R-105  
IZ0D Notch Impact Strength 1/4" 23 ASTM D256/ISO 179   kg • cm/cm(J/M) ft • lb/in
1/4" -30 ASTM D256/IS0 179 14(2.6) kg • cm/cm(J/M) ft • lb/in
1/8" 23 ASTM D256/ISO 179   kg • cm/cm(J/M) ft • lb/in
1/8" -30 ASTM D256/ISO 179 15(2.7) kg • cm/cm(J/M) ft • lb/in
Charpy Impact Strength 23(gap) ASTM D256/ISO 179   kg • cm/cm(J/M) ft • lb/in
-30(gap) ASTM D256/ISO 179   kg • cm/cm(J/M) ft • lb/in
23 (no gap) ASTM D256/ISO 179   kg • cm/cm(J/M) ft • lb/in
-30 (no gap) ASTM D256/ISO 179   kg • cm/cm(J/M) ft • lb/in
Physical properties Specific gravity (density)   ASTM D792/ISO 1183 1.05  
Molding shrinkage   ASTM D955   %
Melt index (flow coefficient) 200/5kg ASTM D1238/ISO 1133 1.9 g/10min
220/10kg ASTM D1238/ISO 1133 23 g/10min
Thermal performance Thermal Deformation Temperature annealing ASTM D648/IS0 75 99(210) ℃(℉)
Without annealing ASTM D648/ISO 75 88(190) ℃(℉)
Veka softening point   ASTM D1525/IOS R306   ℃(℉)
Melting Point   -   ℃(℉)
Flammability (Rate)   UL94 1/16"HB  
Linear Coefficient of Expansion   ASTM D696/ISO 11359   mm/mm
Processing conditions Dry conditions        
Processing Temperature nozzle    
Cylinder recently    
Cylinder in the middle    
After the cylinder    
Melt Temperature      
Melt Temperature      
Melt Temperature Injection pressure     Mpa
Holding Pressure     Mpa
Back pressure     Mpa
Screw Rotation Speed       rpm
Other Note  
Features High rigidity medium impact



ABS HJ-15A  Physical Property Table Parameters
Product introduction Applied to electronic appliances and building materials.
Performance Test Conditions Unit Test Method Numerical
Density     g/cm³ ASTM D792 1.05
Melt Volume Flow  200°C/10.0 kg cm³/10min Internal methods 21
Notched impact strength of simply supported beams -23°C kJ/m² ISO179 62
Tensile Modulus -30°C MPa ASTM D638 2750
Veka Softening Temperature Thickness 1.50mm °C Rate B; ASTM D1525 103
Combustible (UL94)   1.30mm class IEC 60695-11-10 HB



ABS HJ-15A  The following parameters should be noted during injection molding
Injection Rating(System of units) 
Drying temperature 80.0~85.0°C   
Drying time 2.0~4.0hr
Recommended Maximum Moisture Content 0.020%    
Temperature of the Hopper 60.0~80.0°C
Rear Temperature of Barrel 180~220°C 
Middle tTemperature of Barrel 190~230°C
Front Temperature of Barrel 190~ 230°C
Nozzle Temperature 185~235°C
Processing (Melt) Temperature 190~ 230°C
Mold Temperature 30.0~ 70.0°C
Vent Depth 0.030~0.075mm


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