CapabilitiesIndustrial Machinery - Lift Data 3

Industrial Machinery - Lift Data 3

MIC-ZG is an international OEM manufacturer. We are ready for factory audits and video calls at any time.  

From design to production.  We provide feasibility analyses, market research and trial launch for each injection mold.  We are committed to helping customers win the market in a real sense, rather than simply OEM plastic production.  We will customize at least 3 solutions and offer you a $500 discount on your first mold.  

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At MIC-ZG, we first review your submissions and then negotiate with you to ensure that your specifications, delivery times and prices meet your project needs.   We then use your 3D part data for CNC machining of high quality injection molds.   After the mold is created, MIC-ZG will send you a sample to confirm the details.   Once the molds have been improved and approved, MIC-ZG begins production.

Industrial Machinery - Lift Data 3

Industrial Machinery - Lift Data 3


Fuel oil arm type aerial work platform


The main performance
PLC control system
Real-time monitoring of vehicle running status
Two - or four-wheel drive driving system
Arm length and Angle sensor protection
Driving mobile alarm system
Full scale joystick control, removable console
The platform moves in low speed mode when lifting
Full scale console lifting/equipment walking
Level sensor, always put safety first
360 degree continuous chassis rotation
The working platform can be rotated
Anti-rust painting process
Imported standard, to ensure superior quality
Open engine tray for easy maintenance
Compact design with small turning radius
Single hand proportional linear operating system
Convenient for forklift and crane handling



The standard configuration
◆ Emergency stop button
◆ Tilt protection system
The whole journey by oneself
Fault alarm system
◆ Overload sensor
◆ Emergency descent protection
◆ Intelligent proportional control
Tubing explosion-proof system
◆ Amber flashing light
Automatic brake system
◆ Accurate timer



Specifications GTSZ18 GTSZ26
Safe working load 250kg 250kg
Maximum number of workers 2 2
A highly
Maximum working height 19.8m 28m
Maximum platform height 17.8 m 26 m
The equipment size
The whole machine width 2.5m 2.75m
The whole machine length 10m 12.5m
The machine is highly 2.8m 3.1m
Main platform size 1.8m x 0.9m 1.8m x 0.9m
Table (bucket) can rotate Angle 90° 90°
Machine rotation Angle (continuous) 360° 360°
The working arm enlarges the working radius 15.48 m 18 m
Fluctuation Angle of working arm -12° ~73° -12°~71°
Turning radius
The inner diameter 5m 5.5m
The wheelbase 2.5 m 2.8m
The running speed
Platform lift time 60s 60s
Platform descent time 45s 45s
Rate of growth (flat speed) 4.8km/h 5km/h
Driving speed (low speed) 1km/h 1.2km/h
Drive system Four-wheel drive Two wheel drive
Climbing ability 17° 17°
Maximum operating Angle
On both sides of the
Before and after
Traceless solid rubber 82 cm 93 cm
Electrical system
voltage 24V 24V
The engine Water-cooled diesel engine Water-cooled diesel engine
Maximum pressure of hydraulic system 27 MPa /20MPa 27 MPa /20MPa
The machine ADAPTS to ambient temperature -18 ~ 43 -18 ~ 43
Maximum wind speed gusty or constant 6 6
Job dB <87dB(A) <87dB(A)
The weight 12800kg 15500kg
Maximum allowable wind speed 12.5m/s 12.5m/s
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