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injection-moulding 8

MIC-ZG is an international OEM manufacturer. We are ready for factory audits and video calls at any time.  

From design to production.  We provide feasibility analyses, market research and trial launch for each injection mold.  We are committed to helping customers win the market in a real sense, rather than simply OEM plastic production.  We will customize at least 3 solutions and offer you a $500 discount on your first mold.  

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At MIC-ZG, we first review your submissions and then negotiate with you to ensure that your specifications, delivery times and prices meet your project needs.   We then use your 3D part data for CNC machining of high quality injection molds.   After the mold is created, MIC-ZG will send you a sample to confirm the details.   Once the molds have been improved and approved, MIC-ZG begins production.

injection-moulding 8

injection-moulding 8
Six plastic molding methods
  Compression Molding Extrusion Molding Injection Molding Blow Molding Blister Molding Foam Molding
Principle Compression molding is a method in which the molding compound is pressurized (and heated) in a closed mold cavity. Extrusion molding is a method in which the material is heated and pressurized in the extruder, and is pushed forward by the screw while being plasticized, and is continuously formed through the die in a flowing state. Injection molding is a method of plasticizing the material and injecting it into the cavity of a closed mold by a plug or a reciprocating screw to form a product. It is the molten thermoplastic raw material extruded from the extruder and clamped into the mold. Air is then blown into the raw material. The molten feedstock expands under the action of air pressure. The raw material is attached to the wall of the mold cavity. The method of finally cooling and solidifying into the desired product shape. After the flat plastic hard sheet is heated and softened, vacuum adsorption is applied to the surface of the mold, and it is formed after cooling. Products produced by microcellular foam molding.
Applicable Materials Unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, vinyl resin, furan resin, silicone resin, polybutadiene resin, allyl ester, melamine resin, polyimide resin. Polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS, polyamide (nylon), polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate, chlorinated polyether, polyphenylene oxide, polysulfone PC/ABS、PC/PBT、PE-HD、PE-LD、PEI、ABS、PA6、PA66、PBT、PC、PET、PMMA、POM、PP、PPE、PS、PA12、PVC、SA PE、PET、PVC、PP、PC、POM、PETG PET、PVC、PS Polystyrene resin, polyurethane resin, polyvinyl chloride resin, polyethylene resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin
Applicable Products Structural parts, connecting parts, protective parts, ventilation and cooling equipment, trash cans, road railings, auto parts, seats and electrical insulation parts, electrical equipment (plugs and sockets), pot handles, handles for tableware, bottle caps, toilets, Unbreakable dinner plates (Melan), carved plastic doors, etc. Continuous products of various shapes such as pipes, profiles, plates (or sheets), films, wire and cable coverings, rubber tire tread strips, inner tube tubes, sealing strips, rods, monofilaments, flat belts, nets, hollow containers , frames and other Special-shaped profile. Equipment casings, parts, auto parts, structural parts, functional parts, precision parts, medical supplies, kitchen supplies, toys, gears, daily necessities, bumpers, etc. Hollow containers, bottles, jars, protrusions, nylon tubes, baby products, packaging buckets, watering cans, fuel tanks, toys, sporting goods, etc. Auto parts, basins, bubble shells, trays, blister boxes. Packaging for food, cosmetics, electronics, hardware, toys, crafts, medicine, health products, daily necessities, stationery and other industries; disposable cups, various cup-shaped cups, etc.; breeding trays, seedling trays, degradable fast food boxes. All foamed products
Advantage The mechanical properties are relatively stable, the quality is dense, the size is accurate, the appearance is smooth and clean, no gate marks, and the stability is good. High production efficiency, automatic, continuous production, low cost, wide adaptability, uniform product quality, compactness, etc. It has high production efficiency, can be automated, can make products with complex shapes, accurate dimensions and stable quality, and is suitable for most plastic products. The product has uniform wall thickness, small weight tolerance, less post-processing, small waste corners, low mold cost, low product cost, and high production capacity. Save raw and auxiliary materials. The equipment is relatively simple. The mould does not need to be under pressure and can be made of metal, wood or plaster. The forming speed is fast. Easy to operate. Light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption.
Shortcoming The mold cost is high. NO Mold development time is long and mold cost is high. Not suitable for single-piece small-batch production of plastic parts. NO Poor dimensional accuracy. NO
Limitation Only composite products can be made. Only products with the same cross-section and continuous production can be made. Only thermoplastics can be processed. Only plastic films and hollow products can be made. Only products with uniform and thin wall thickness can be produced. Only foamed products can be produced.
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