How Does Plastic Injection Molding Work

Custom Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection Molding, is a molding method. Its principle is At a certain temperature, the fully molten plastic material is stirred by the screw, injected into the mold cavity with high pressure, cooled and solidified to obtain the molded product. This method is suitable for the mass production of complex parts and is one of the important machining methods.

The advantages of injection molding method are fast production speed, high efficiency, automation of operation, variety of designs and colors, simple to complex shapes, large to small sizes, accurate product sizes, easy updating of products, and the ability to form parts with complex shapes. Injection molding is suitable for mass production and molding processing fields such as products with complex shapes. 

Custom Plastic Injection Moulding

And Plastic is the most frequently used raw material for injection molding,  But What is Custom Plastic Injection Moulding?How Does Plastic Injection Molding Work?

How Does Plastic Injection Molding Work

Injection molding machine is also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. As the name suggests, it is the main molding equipment that makes thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into plastic products of various shapes by using plastic molding molds, that is, injection molding machines. It is also the most important equipment in modern injection molding process.

Injection molding machines are widely used in the production of plastic parts, from medical equipment to various tools; From the aerospace industry, to the automotive industry, which is the most widely used, as well as the commonly used daily necessities and children's stationery, many of their parts and even the whole piece are produced by plastic injection molding. Look around at random. As long as there are plastic products nearby, they are probably made by injection molding machines.

The plastic injection molding machine is a process to inject the plasticized molten plastic (i.e. viscous flow) into the closed mold cavity with the help of the thrust of the screw (or plunger), and obtain the product after curing.

Injection molding is a cycle process, and each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding - melting and plasticizing - pressure injection - mold filling and cooling - mold opening and parts taking. Take out the plastic parts and then close the mold for the next cycle.

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Injection Moulding Process Step By Step

The so-called injection molding is the method that the heated and melted resin raw materials are injected into the mold cavity under high pressure, and then cooled and solidified to obtain injection molded products. Injection molding is mainly divided into six stages:

Injection Moulding Process Step By Step

1.Clamping: the injection molding machine consists of three parts - injection mold, clamp and injection unit. The clamping unit keeps the mold under a certain pressure to ensure the consistency of output.


2.Injection: refers to the part where plastic particles are fed into the hopper at the top of the injection molding machine. These particles are loaded into the master cylinder, where they are heated at a high temperature until they melt into liquid. Then, inside the injection molding machine, the screw will rotate and mix the liquefied plastic. Once the liquid plastic reaches the desired state of the product, the injection process will begin. The plastic liquid is forced through a running gate whose speed and pressure are controlled by a screw or plunger depending on the type of machine used.


3.Pressure maintaining: it refers to the process of applying a certain pressure to ensure that each mold cavity has been completely filled. If the cavity is not filled correctly, it will lead to waste of the unit.


4.Cooling: this process step allows the time required for the mold to cool. If this step is performed too hastily, the products may stick together or deform when they are removed from the machine.


5.Mold opening: the clamping device is opened to separate the mold. In the whole process, molds are usually used repeatedly, and their processing is very expensive.


6.Demoulding: take the finished product out of the injection molding machine. In general, the finished product will continue to be packaged and delivered to the production line or as a component of a larger product, such as the steering wheel of a car.


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