How To Increase The Brightness of ABS Plastic

Injection molding is a method that heated and melted resin raw materials are injected into the mold cavity under high pressure, and then cooled and solidified to obtain injection molded products. Injection molding is mainly divided into six stages: mold closing; Injection; Pressure maintaining; Cooling; Mold opening; Take out the products.

Injection molding also has a strong application in parts manufacturing. So how can we meet customers' needs for high brightness ABS plastic products when producing plastic products? MIC-ZG, As A China Injection Molding Company, has solve the problem by these method.

ABS Plastic

Plastic Injection Mold Parts About Brightness ABS Plastic

1. if the mold cavity is poorly processed, such as scars, micropores, wear, roughness and other deficiencies, it will inevitably be reflected on the plastic parts, making the plastic parts have poor gloss. For this, the mold should be carefully processed to ensure that the surface of the cavity is as perfect as possible.

2. if there is oil stain, water stain or too much release agent on the surface of the mold cavity, the surface of the plastic part will be dark and have no luster. In this regard, it is necessary to timely remove oil and water stains, and use a limited amount of release agent.

3. if the demoulding slope of plastic parts is too small, it is difficult to demould or the pressure during demoulding is too large, resulting in poor surface gloss of plastic parts. In this regard, the demoulding slope shall be increased.

4. if the mold exhaust is poor and too much gas stays in the model, it will also lead to poor gloss. For this, check and correct the mold exhaust system.


Injection Molding Process About Brightness ABS Plastic

1. if the injection speed is too low, the surface of the plastic part is not tight and the gloss is poor. Therefore, the injection speed should be properly increased.

2. for thick wall plastic parts, if the cooling is not sufficient, the surface will be hairy and the gloss will be dark. Therefore, the cooling system should be improved.

3. if the holding pressure is insufficient and the holding time is too short, resulting in insufficient density and poor gloss of plastic parts, the holding pressure and holding time shall be increased.

4. if the melt temperature is too low, resulting in poor fluidity and poor gloss, the melt temperature should be appropriately increased.


According to our experience in injection molding, ABS plastic products with high brightness can be easily completed by using these methods. If you also have such demand for injection molded parts, you can contact us through the following ways.

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